Destined to be Weird

I always knew I had a destiny, that I was born for a reason. I thought everyone was, although I’ve met people who said they had never wondered about such things. They probably thought I was weird, and they were right. I mean to them I was the one who was different because they were like everyone else, or at least they thought so. But what if everyone else only kept such thoughts hidden because they didn’t want to appear to be different or because they were afraid they might get locked up? Maybe it all comes down to my big mouth making others nervous because I’m known to blurt out things I shouldn’t say. In other words, what if I’m being politically incorrect without even knowing it, or what if I just don’t have enough sense to know people will think I’m claiming to be special when I talk about destiny? As if I’m claiming to be Napoleon? Whew! I’m sure glad I don’t have to explain something really difficult.

If you don’t believe in destiny, read no further. The following is only for those who do not suffer from that debilitating disease called Disbelief. Unless you’re looking for a cure, of course. In our early beginnings, with a few exceptions by the truly great, we only sense a little about our personal destiny. It may not seem to be a big deal at all in earthly terms, but sometimes something happens that changes your life. It is as though fate intervened and sent you in a different direction than you were apparently headed.

You will wonder about this. Why did such and such happen? There must be a reason. A reason! The idea has been planted. If there was a reason for this then perhaps there is a reason for everything, including your birth. Now you will start looking, you will search, and you will find. Part of your destiny has been revealed to you, or perhaps in rare instances the whole thing. I say rare because it ain’t over til it’s over, until you take your last breath on this side of things. Then it’s a wrap, for now, in this body and this place and this time. Only God knows the rest and he ain’t telling.

What stirs your blood and wakes you up to full alertness? What do you dream about? What did you dream about as a child? Find the truest thing for you and you will find a clue to your destiny. Even if you find, like me, you’re destined to be weird, remember that God put us here for a reason.

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