9/21/20: Finally! I did it, I finished my novel, sent a query letter off to a publisher for the first round in its being either accepted or rejected – but it’s done! Thanks for your patience. I considered self-publishing which is what I did with the Kentucky book, but I knew the earlier book would be of interest to only a few folks—blood-kin and a few friends. With a book of fiction I believe more folks might find it interesting.

6/10/2018: Do I dare do another update?  This is ridiculous, you’re saying.  And you’re right.  I’m two years older, should’ve reached my goal by now.  The problem is, it keeps changing.  I no longer decide on one thing than a different idea rears its head..  I’ve lived at least three lifetimes—shifting gears at the crossroads—starting on a different path.  But this one’s gotta be it, the finale, the one I’m on now.  After all, I’m getting old.  Time is running out.  I’ll let you know where I’m going if you’ll just bear with me. I promise. Please don’t give up on me.  I’m still trying.

1/2016: Here I am again. Long time, no see. A lot of stuff has been going on. I finally decided to stop and write my life story. It’s been nagging at me for a long time, not letting me get back to my novel. I hope after I finish it I can get back to Calliput Mountain. Seriously, it also demands to be told but requires a lot more mulling over. If you’re a follower, thanks so much for your patience! Happy New Year 2016!

Another Update: February 5, 2013: I couldn’t let a whole year go by without a word on my novel-in-progress, so here I am one day short. Believe it or not I got the urge to work on my novel this morning. Since my favorite poem by T. S. Eliot, “The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock” took twenty years to finish writing (and that was just a poem!) please don’t give up on me. I made some improvements on the work today but this time you’ll see the changes when I’m finished (if you’re still interested!). I hope.

Another Update: February 6, 2012 The hardest thing about writing is trying to say what you really want to say. You write, then stop and read what you’ve written and realize you didn’t say it, so you edit. Or you think you’ve said it, go back later and realize you still didn’t get it right and you try again. That’s what I just did to Chapter 8. Callie on the Mountain keeps eluding me but I think it’s closer this time. Thanks for reading.

Another Update: February 3, 2012. Well, I had a long and mostly happy break but here I am, back again, and have uploaded two more chapters of Calliput Mountain (or Hanged Man Holler as I haven’t settled on the title yet – who knows if it will ever be finished?). If you liked Callie on the Mountain (the 7th great grandmother whose family pioneered Calliput) in chapter four you’ll find her back again in chapter 8. I guess I’m a compulsive writer as both Callies keep calling to me to get back in the groove. Thanks for reading.

PS: As for Appalachian Rhapsody, mentioned in the September 2010 update, it’s still one of my favorite posts but I’ve let it go back into its natural order. You can click on the cloud “Appalachia” to see it if you wish:-))

Update: September 18, 2010    The only thing certain in life is change.   At my last update I was sure that within a few months I would finish writing my novel, etc.  etc etc.

Instead, I discovered real life was too exciting to “waste” on writing fiction (even if much of it is based on truth).  Let’s face it, fiction writing is hard, demanding work and at  my age life is getting shorter.   I’m spending  time with my amazing grandchildren, marveling at the times we’re living in and having too much fun to shut myself up in my room with my imagination.   However, I’ll leave the first chapters of my novel-in-progress on here for anyone interested in my foray into fiction, while I go romp with the little ones.

Also, since it’s my favorite piece of writing on my blog, I’m putting “Appalachian Rhapsody” front and center again so other Appalachians won’t miss it – be sure to click on Appalachia on the “cloud” for other such musings.    Have a wonderful day and when an old dream becomes a burden don’t be afraid to put it aside to follow one that makes your heart soar.

Update:  December 1,  2009    Recently someone used a keyword looking for my novel-in-progress “Calliput Mountain” and landed on my site, prompting me to consider re-uploading it – I have 16 chapters completed now, and will be uploading them a few at a time while I continue working on the novel.

If anyone is looking for the prologue about the original “Callie on the Mountain 1790” (present-day Callie’s 7th great grandmother) it has now become chapter four.   I’m allowing her to come into the story later in a chapter called “Time Untime”.

Update: March, 2008.   I began posting a few astrological essays on this site.  I’ve found that knowledge of Astrology has helped me to better understand myself and my life on planet Earth. Although I don’t do personal horoscopes I’ve included a link on my home page to Cafe Astrology. Click on it and let them do your free birth chart. If you’re new to Astrology, they can tell you where the planets were when you were born, and will give you some insight into their meanings. These are computerized reports and they can cast your chart even if you don’t know your time of birth. All you need is the date and place. The write-up may not be as indepth as it would be if you knew the time, but you will still get a good free report, and they also provide lots of other free astrological information.

The story behind the memory book:

I was born in the Kentucky Mountains into a family of story tellers, but the stories we told were true. At family gatherings someone would say “Remember when?” and the stories would begin, to be told and retold over the years. My own children, who frequently asked for the retelling of these stories, encouraged me to begin a book several years ago, to write down the family stories they remembered from when they were small. At first I put the stories together for them into a work-in-progress I called The Memory Book.

But, as I gathered more information about our ancestors who pioneered the Kentucky Mountains, I also began including their stories. The book evolved into the personal and ancestral history of one family who was born into a gap, a gap in time, when the old ways of our ancestors could no longer sustain us in a changing world. We had to adapt, and yet still manage to hang onto those qualities that our ancestors passed down to us.

The book became my humble attempt to show how each member of an impoverished Kentucky Mountain family built our own bridges between the old world and the new, carrying with us the one thing that could sustain us, our love for each other, our love of God and family. “What we are is God’s gift to us. What we become is our gift to God.”

Since I’m the seventh of eight children, many of the stories I told my own children were passed down by my older brothers and sister, who remembered earlier times. I’m pleased that my sister Docia has allowed me to include in the book some of those family stories and the poetry she wrote. I’m also grateful to my sister-in-law Pauline Rupe Adams for the materials, writings, old letters, etc. she saved for me after my eldest brother Byrd passed away in 2000.

“Stories of a Kentucky Mountain Family As Told by Two Sisters and a Brother” can be purchased through Amazon.com for $23.95.


Peeing on the Flowers

10 Responses

  1. I love your site! 🙂

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

  2. Wow I like you more all the time. My columns are usually about walking my two australians sheppards, it’s funny the two I sent you don’t even mention them. If you go to myspace and pull me up you’ll find pictures of them and my kids. Have a wonderful day, I can’t wait to look a little more closely at this.

  3. Thank you. Children and dogs – what joys they bring to life! I’ll be looking you up on myspace. If you click on categories and Appalachia you’ll see some Appalachia posts. I’d especially like you to look at “From the Raped Mountains of Appalachia: Perspective on the Bailout” with the youtube video of “Thunder on the Mountain” showing pictures of mountain top removal. For humor you might enjoy “Appalachian Rhapsody-God’s Comic Intervention”.

  4. Uh-Oh! I just found out this video (for “Thunder on the Mountain”) has been removed by the user. But the Bob Dylan lyrics I posted are still there and say a lot about how I feel. You can go to google.com as I’m sure you do and enter “mountaintop removal” and see what they’ve done to the mountains.

  5. Now you’ve given me a new idea! I elevated Rhapsody to my front page with an explanation. The darn post just refuses to stay in the background any longer.

  6. Just looked at this last post again today. “Rhapsody” has retreated to the back issues again and can be found under Appalachia in the category cloud. It was one of my most enjoyable pieces of writing :-))

  7. I loved your book “Stories of a KY Mountain Family” – I tried to contact you through the email at the back of the book; but got no response back. Perhaps you didn’t get it. Then I found you on this blog – but still no way to reach out. I’d love to talk to you about the Adams family. Until then, I will read and enjoy your blog posts. Thanks Amanda!

  8. Christie, Thanks so much for finding me! I recovered the email you sent and responded to it, but will write you within a day or two to answer your questions! Am off to an appointment right now.

  9. Amanda: I don’t know where you went? I don’t find you on FB any more. I don’t know where your email address is. I’m wondering what you’ve been up to & hope all is well.

    • Oh my, Christie! I’m so sorry I didn’t leave a message on FB for you. I became disgusted with a few things and thought to myself “I’m outa here!” and didn’t consider the consequences of leaving so abruptly. I’m so glad you’ve written me. My email address is nelladams@aol.com, and I would love to hear from you! Please, please write! Love, Amanda

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