A Message From RFK: Fear Not the Path of Truth

There are people in every time and every land who want to stop history in its tracks. They fear the future, mistrust the present, and invoke the security of the comfortable past which, in fact, never existed. — Robert F. Kennedy, June 8, 1964

A thought keeps running through my mind like a moving line across the bottom of a television screen: we are all doing the best we can. I recognize enough truth in it not to yell delete! as I’m told my eldest brother always did when he had a thought he didn’t like, or to say erase! which I tend to do. It must be a family trait–I wonder what word my mother used? Probably balderdash! as she loved drama.

Yes, you did, Mom, I say over my right shoulder, and your wife told me so I say over the left. I know this is bizarre but every time I attribute something to one of them I feel they are complaining behind my back. Just one more proof that I’m crazy. However, I think I always suspect that people on the other side are listening when I talk about them because Mom always told me never to speak ill of the dead. If they couldn’t hear me, why would she think I should worry about it? Or was it just one of those what if things, like what if her deceased sister-in-law could hear her say what a bitch she was? Would she have enough pull in Heaven to get Mom thrown out? I’m sorry. I know that’s ridiculous. I really do have some wierd thoughts, but consider the source. Balderdash! That was mom.

Anyway, I really have tried to refrain from speaking ill of the dead, as I don’t want to offend them, but it’s getting to where too many people I know have passed on, which means I’m running out of ones I can speak ill of and muteness does not come natural to me. As for my mom and brother, I wasn’t actually saying anything bad about them, I was just commenting. You mean I can’t even comment? Jeez!

Well, back to the subject. The first reponse I had to the thought we are all doing the best we can is well, yeah, that’s true if you take into consideration their blah, blah, blahs–listing the perceived faults or handicaps of people I know who are still living. But at this I did yell erase!, knowing that is not what was meant at all.

Because that’s when it finally came to me that I’ve received another love message from the Universe; this one is meant for all the people out there who keep worrying about what’s going to happen to our country, and why things are in such an awful mess. The message is that we’ve just got to play out the hand we were dealt, and quit blaming ourselves for every rotten card that came out of the deck with the devil’s pawprint on it. Maybe someone stacked the deck, and heck, John Wayne could’ve found a way out of it. But since he’s not here we are all doing the best that we can, on Super Tuesday and every other day of the week.

Another message, this one from Bobby, runs across the bottom of my screen. It’s from his last speech on the night he was assassinated. Fear not the path of truth for the lack of people walking on it.

I’m trying, Bobby, but we sure do miss you.




6 Responses

  1. You miss Bobby, but you’ve swallowed the right-wing line about Obama? This isn’t just nonsense, it makes a sort of *anti-sense*. Or do you really think that Bobby and his little brother (who, of course, endorsed Obama) were really that far apart socially or politically?

    If Obama and the Democrats were the party you think they are, they would’ve just passed single-payer health care funding (which works elsewhere, so why wouldn’t it work here?) in 1977, or maybe 1948, and had gotten it over with back then. You have to understand, the GOP machine is going to say these things about ANY Democrat.

  2. Thanks for writing. I agree with your last sentence, that the Republicans are going to say these things about ANY Democrat, except it goes both ways. The Democrats are going to say “these things” about ANY Republican.

    I was being nostalgic here about Bobby. I was a young wife and mother back then, sitting in front of the TV watching him being assassinated, over and over again. I called my husband, crying “Now they’ve killed Bobby.”

    Who were “they”? I don’t know, maybe there was no “they”, but his assassination came after Martin Luther King was murdered, and a few years after JFK was murdered. Don’t accuse me of imagining a conspiracy, though. Ridicule was used to stop the questions and “commissions” created to investigate and, of course, disprove them, but there are still doubts in a lot of minds.

    I believe the election of Obama has stirred up those doubts again and we just don’t trust him, and he does nothing to dispel our suspicions.

  3. Amanda: which speech contains this line? I can’t find it in the transcript of his final remarks at the Ambassador in LA. Can you help? I’ve written/edited a book of his speeches & don’t remember seeing it. Thanks!

  4. I’m sorry, I realize now the speech on June 8, 1964 contains the longer quote at the beginning of my post but not the short quote at the end, even though I read that it was part of his speech that night.. I’ve seen it quoted many times too but can’t locate the actual speech itself. I even watched his victory acceptance speech just now on video but the line wasn’t included.

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