An Old Post About Pluto (Still relevant!)


Regardless of what we learn in life, through testing the belief systems passed on to us by first our parents and then the larger environment, what we learn is meaningless unless applicable to our own circumstances. Knowledge of people and things twirls through our heads in a never ending dervish as we take on the second-hand beliefs of others. We can allow ourselves to be sabotaged by them until we learn to question. So the test of new knowledge becomes – how does this work for me?

The recent demotion of Pluto from its planetary status is a case in point. When I first began studying astrology twenty-eight years ago, I was satisfying a curiosity that had been with me for a number of years. It was fun and it gave me a “hobby”, as I was a divorced mother of four children going through their teenage years. Our home was a gathering place for their friends, which pleased me because I knew where my children were and could supervise them without intruding. Taking my new astrology books I escaped to my upstairs bedroom and spent many hours studying while the music and laughter from downstairs floated up the staircase

My teacher had said to look at past transits to our natal chart and “what happened at that time?” I had natal Pluto in the 10th house at 0 Leo, forming a yod to Mercury at 5 Capricorn sextile Jupiter at just under 4 Pisces. Later, I learned these were not true quincunxes, Mercury actually formed an almost exact tri-septile to Pluto, while Jupiter formed a bi-quintile to Pluto. But I had no doubt with the meanings behind them I had a yod.. Added to the mix was the opposition of natal Pluto to my natal Sun of just under 5-1/2 degrees.

I had lost my father (who had fallen to his death) when I was eight years old. At that time transiting Saturn was conjunct my natal Pluto in my natal 10th house. Twenty-nine years later (before I had begun my study of astrology) my first husband and I were divorced – while transiting Saturn was, once again, conjunct my natal Pluto (another man leaving my life and natal Saturn sits in my 7th house making a tredecile of 108 degrees to my natal Pluto). I had my final transit of Saturn to Pluto a year ago, when I was hard at work finishing up a book about my family and our ancestry. I had the book self-published and copies distributed to family members with a print-on-demand publisher to make it available to other family members or anyone else who was interested..

So, whether Pluto is a planet, a dwarf planet, or something else entirely I have no doubt its energies are very representative in my own natal chart. “As above, so below” does not, of course mean that my father would die when I was eight, that I would divorce my first husband at the age of thirty-seven, or finish up several years of research writing and self-publishing a book about my family. The first transit, when I was eight, indicated the environment bringing something of a Plutonian nature into my life, over which as a child, I had no control. So I wonder how many of our childhood transits are preparing us for something later in life – or serving as a direction finder? It would be interesting to do research in this area. Perhaps those major transits of childhood have a soul purpose, to help prepare us for the onset of adulthood and the age of free choice.

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