Hanged Man Hollow By Amanda Nell Adams

My new book (with the correct title restored) is now on Kindle in the digital version. My daughter Teresa, who created the cover, is now creating one for the printed version, which will be available soon.💖

December 23, 2020: The print version of this novel is now available on Amazon.💝

This story is a labor of love begun long ago. For a while I called it “Calliput Mountain”. The story first came to me in an inspired writing about a young White girl who was kidnapped by a Cherokee Indian brave and bore his child on the ancestral mountain. The mountain was named for her after she died in childbirth at age fifteen. Her spirit waits for a seventh great granddaughter to come home, one named for her, whose soul also hears the song of the mountain. But the Callie who returns must recall what she once knew, but left behind, before she can remember the song.

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  1. I re-visited my post “Andy Adams-Kentucky Coal” this morning, something I occasionally do, reminding myself of what a wonderful person he was–an exceptionally wise young man of sixteen whose picture I showed on the cover of mine & my siblings’ Kentucky book. Before he passed away in 2001 I told him how much we appreciated what he’d done for us, becoming a young father to his even younger siblings. “It never occurred to me not to,” he said in wonder, as if that fact had just then occurred to him. Some may think my novel Hanged Man Hollow condemns him as one of the “rich coal barons” mentioned in this article. Not so. I felt his success in the coal business was a token of good karma. I hope to further explain this “fictionally” in an addition to my book.

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