To Vote or Not to Vote, That is the Question

Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing happened. – Winston Churchill

I’m stumbling my way towards the voting booth. Will I or won’t I? If I don’t vote I’ll be neglecting my duty as a citizen. If I do vote I’ll be helping to choose which brand of horror the country will face as we move further into mass hysteria.

To vote or not to vote, that is the question. Whether ’tis nobler -. If only Shakespeare were here, he could point me in the right direction. How come so much of our wisdom became lost in the past? Are we getting dumber every year or are we just clinging to our illusions and puns because we can’t face the real world?

Once I got past the contradiction between the image Obama projected of leading us to the Promised Land with his twirling baton and his blatant use of the race card (or having it invoked for him by the media and others while he assumed the cloak of an innocent man of virtue) and once I got past my awe and appreciation of the valiant hero McCain who sacrificed so much for his country, I realized they both present us with distorted images.

Who is the real Obama, the one who hides beneath his cloak? Judging from his past actions and the company he’s kept for the past twenty years why do so many people still trust him–simply for what he says? Which, you might notice, has also changed from one extreme to the other on important issues.  It is lofty rhetoric he excels at, until you listen to it enough times to realize how empty it is. Do we have to wait until it’s too late, until he’s in office, to see what he will do?

McCain has more to recommend him through his past actions, true heroism without the accompanying grand gestures of Kerry’s short heroic stance. But what has John McCain become? Somehow, the man we knew before 2000 seems to have disappeared and the one who took his place is looking more and more like George Bush, just older.

As for Hillary, the media accused her of feeling entitled to the presidency, yet it wasn’t Hillary but the Democratic Party that felt entitled. This was to be their year so they helped the media shoot her down, many of the party leaders believing Obama’s charm is the magic ingredient that will enthrall the country into voting the Democrats back into power. Once they fixated on Obama, the Democratic Party  stubbornly persisted in supporting him despite revelation after revelation of his lack of judgment.  They have foolishly shot themselves in both feet.

While the Republican Party, who only have half a foot left, is hopping its way towards the finish line.

The Only Thing Wrong with America

What is wrong with America, in the eyes of the intelligentsia? The same things that are right with America in the eyes of others. – Thomas Sowell

Many years ago I worked in an office with a young German woman whose father had been an officer in Hitler’s air force. During the war, she said, her father’s plane was shot down by Americans but he survived and was incarcerated in a prison camp in Oklahoma. Oddly enough, after the war her father became a US citizen and was employed by a Jew.

She described the life of luxury Hitler had provided for them due to her father’s military position, prior to his being shot down of course. Hitler had even provided the family with servants, she said: maids, nursemaids, even a cook and a butler (none of the help were German but she thought they hailed from either Poland or Holland). I got a chill. Obviously, she’d been a child and didn’t know these people were foreigners who’d been brought to Germany against their will and enslaved. But what she added next stunned me. “The only thing wrong with Hitler was his idea about the Master Race.”

I was nonplussed. It was like hearing someone say the only thing wrong with Satan was that he was evil. That phrase, “the only thing wrong with” would follow me through the years, rising suddenly to confront me, even when I’d chastise myself for a blunder I’d made. “The only thing wrong with you, Amanda, is you’re a stupid idiot.”

The only thing wrong with a serial murderer is that he kills people.

As Thomas Sowell, who happens to be a black author, says in an article in Capitalism Magazine on May 6, 2008.  “Sometimes unrelated events nevertheless tell a coherent story.”

Following is an excerpt from that article:

Like everyone else, I have also been hearing a lot lately about Jeremiah Wright, former pastor of the church that Barack Obama has belonged to for 20 years.

It is a difference between upscale demagoguery and ghetto demagoguery, playing the audience for suckers in both cases.

Both men, in their different ways, have for decades been promoting the far left vision of victimization and grievances — Wright from his pulpit and Obama in roles ranging from community organizer to the United States Senate, where he has had the farthest left voting record.

Later, when the ultimate political prize–the White House–loomed on the horizon, Obama did a complete makeover, now portraying himself as a healer of divisions.

The difference between Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright is that they are addressing different audiences, using different styles adapted to those audiences.

There are those who don’t feel right about Obama. He just makes them uncomfortable. Some even question themselves because the media is accusing them of being prejudiced in an effort to shame them. But the media itself is prejudiced against working class whites (they throw all blacks into a separate category regardless of education or income) considering them uneducated if they don’t have college degrees and also racially prejudiced, as if that naturally follows.

In another article written by Sowell in December 2007 he says:

Of all the presidential candidates in both parties, Barack Obama is the best performer on stage. He has the most presence, the most command of his words, the most quietly dramatic style. What he actually says, however, is mostly warmed-over 1960s ideas that have been failing ever since the 1960s.

But the media fawns over these same speeches.

While Sowell points out that “–the Tooth Fairy’s approach has gotten more politicians elected than any economist’s analysis.”

So there you have it. The only thing wrong with America is the media, who can’t tell crap from fairy dust.


Hillary–Warming the Cockles of Our Hearts

“While Obama was spouting poetry, Clinton stuck to what she knew best, unexciting but smart prose. Instead of giving voters goose bumps, she gave them chicken soup.” – Joan Vennochi, Boston Globe Columnist

In a great editorial in the Boston Globe this morning Joan Vennochi refers to Hillary as “The Chicken Soup Candidate”. Which really struck me–just yesterday I had made an off-the-cuff remark to my daughter that I thought Hillary wants to be the Mother of our Country. And, if George Washington, our first president, is known as the Father of our Country, why shouldn’t the first woman be thought of as the Mother?

I had come to this startling thought while looking at an Astrology chart for Hillary which shows, if the time of birth I used is correct, that her natal Moon, representing her emotional nature by sign and house, is in Pisces in the tenth.  There are conflicting reports regarding her time of birth but I used the one for 8:00 pm on October 26, 1947. The tenth house in a chart represents the public, the career, and reputation while the Moon there in Pisces shows an intuitive connection to the public. You might even say Hillary wants to mother the whole world.

It’s funny how this description also fits with a criticism I’ve heard of her — that she thinks she knows “what’s right for everybody” (shades of Jewish motherhood!). As children mature, they often rebel against their mothers, calling it “cutting the umbilical cord”. Otherwise, boys are in danger of becoming “mama’s boys” and girls in staying “tied to the apron strings”. But secretly most of us need mothering, especially when we are sick or discouraged, and during those times we welcome, with a grateful heart, the loving dispensers of chicken soup.

If a woman can lead us through this transitional period from the old order to the new while also dispensing chicken soup when it is needed, isn’t that an added gift we would appreciate in a leader? What about the fireside chats of FDR? Or the warm fatherly mien of Ronald Reagan? Didn’t they warm the cockles of our hearts? This is the part of Hillary that she had not allowed to show before, because she had to keep proving she is presidential material, that she has the knowledge, the experience and the toughness to lead this country as well as any man.

While Obama waxed eloquent, she kept hammering on the issues. If she had strayed into poetry, the media was ready to jump on her like jackals on road kill. Which they will continue to do. There is a “Stop Hillary” chant that is irrational in its intent and fierceness. I do not understand it.

I’m afraid of how far these people will go to cut her down.

The Myth in the Race for the Presidency

“There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things.”  —  Niccolo Machiavelli The Prince (1532)

News Flash: In a little village in Kenya called Nyangoma-Kogelo, people gather around the radio listening to the latest update on the voting in Iowa, United States of America. According to the radio, one of their own, who has blood kin still living in the village, is winning in the first step of an election leading up to choosing the new president of that faraway country. Before the year is out, Barack Hussein Obama could be the leader of the strongest nation in the world.

It is of such things that myths are made, and herein lies proof that beneath the horrible events in America during 1963 and 1968 the tattered dreams of liberty survived. In spite of the rampant corporate greed and dirty politics that has besmirched the face of America its heart still beats to the drums of the promise of liberty and justice for all. This election year is proving to us that the bright and shining future we once envisioned for America, although hard to see beyond the recent carnage of war, still waits if only we have the courage it will take to reach it.

We must, above all, have a strong leader, one whose fortitude is proven. Although wonderful speeches gladden our hearts, we need a leader who can take on the fiercest dragons and withstand their fire. As worthy as he is in many ways, this is not Obama. Although he has it in him to be a great statesman, his moment is not yet. When he is more seasoned his time will come, and then his relatives in West Kenya will once again gather around their radios or televisions — and listen with pride.

So far, this election year has revealed that, on the Democrat side, a black man can run for president and win the primary vote in Iowa, a state where less than 3% of the population is black. That a woman can reach third place in the same contest and leave a few male candidates in the dust. The second place winner, an all white male, is not gay or we would have a third category attesting to our progress in keeping America’s promise of liberty and justice for all. But this man is a great fighter for justice.

We also have another party from which to choose. On the Republican side the winner in Iowa is a former Baptist minister, and the second place winner is a candidate of the Mormon religion. Winning third place is a former actor, politician and lobbyist. The fourth place, won by the last of the most viable candidates, is a man with a calm countenance that belies his myth, the old warrier who fought the dragons of olden times and offers his aging wisdom to his country and its young warriors.

A new world order is on the horizon whether we seek it or not, and we must choose our agent of change carefully in order to make the right choices in the future while not sacrificing our integrity as a nation. Only in preserving the good from the past can we hope to stay on the right course in the future.

And even if we stray from our course, we should do as Washington Irving did when traveling in a stagecoach, find comfort in shifting our position and being bruised in a new place. 

Update: January 8th, New Hampshire, the second battle: After a tight race the First Woman wins on the Democrat side and the Old Warrior wins on the Republican side.  The arena will move to the state of Michigan for the next Republican battle, where the *First Mormon will attempt to wrest the scepter from the hands of the Old Warrior. In the next Democrat battle, in South Carolina, the First Black will try to regain his earlier lead over the First Woman.

*Although the First Morman’s father competed for the nomination in 1968 but lost, as will he who is trying to fulfill his father’s dream.  In the past other candidates have vied to be the “First” of their kind but this year marks a turning point in history.  Whether they win or not, the Firsts have broken down the barriers of the old order in preparation for the new.