Chapter 8 – Callie on the Mountain

Archelous met his Lindy Sue when they was just youngins. Right off I knowed she was the one for him. Her Pap had come a’preaching, a’looking for to raise a church and folks was right glad to do the work. Up til then they was meeting in each others cabins. So they heaved to and felled the trees and cleared the land so they could raise them a fine meeting house.

After the church was done built, some took to looking on the church as if it was a prison and they was the jailors. Which weren’t right. They raised ruckuses ‘stead of praising God and this mortified the gentle spirits who loved God in their hearts. When the cantankerous spirits joined together, their sins lay heavy on their youngins, blighting them with darkness of their souls. The sins was passed down in the blood of that generation.

Being of the gentle spirits, my Archelous felled some trees on his land, split the logs and built a preacher’s pulpit and benches in his garden. Them and some others held their own church there on warm summer days when the flowers of Fading Summer was blue, ‘til after the flowers faded to white, ‘til the leaves on the trees turned to red and orange. ‘Til the sky turned to grey and the snow come down, and they held their meetings inside the cabin where I borned Archelous.

I seen the peaceful spirit of Archelous and Lindy Sue settle on the first-born they called Ambrose. In the child I seen the Indian boy, who was no more than a youngin hisself when he shamed me. I seen it was a good seed and I was the vessel, that Archelous was the first sprouting of the seed. That it would pour down on the generations to come. In him began a knowing that the Indian god and the white man’s god was the same spirit that fills us who open our hearts. It was then I seen that good can come from what was evil. It was part of God’s plan.

The folks who inherited the blood of the dark souls set out to destroy the spirit of the Indians but there was many carrying the seed and they passed it down in the mixed blood.

All knowing is passed down in the blood, by the ones who come before. My knowing and the Indian boy’s knowing in Callie’s blood is calling to her but she don’t hear. She don’t want to remember what she knows of the bad spirits. The ones what destroyed the Indian children gathered at the falls on that evil day. She don’t want to feel the pain of remembering the time they call the Trail of Tears.

But I was there. I was with the ones who despaired. I calmed the spirits that was troubled as they passed on. I led some to the place where the river flows around the bend.

I led the spirit of the Indian boy there. He was an old man, but he never knowed he passed on something in the blood that helped make such a fine man as Archelous, and the generations to come.

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