Sleep On It!

Yesterday evening my 15-year-old grandson and I were having one of our occasional heart-to-heart talks. As it was getting close to bedtime the subject turned to why, as we’d heard, sleep was necessary.  Why couldn’t a person just rest awhile, without sleeping?  Because–we had heard–if unable to sleep or allowed to, one would eventually go mad.  The question which came to us next was:  Why?  Did we “go” somewhere when we slept? 

This morning when I awoke I found myself ruminating about recent experiences. Realizing, for the first time, certain aspects of personal problems I had been unaware of. Even to the point of failing to address them. Answers awaited. Filling in the gaps in my understanding.  As if I had consulted an oracle in my sleep who answered questions lingering in my mind.  I now understand “Sleep on it” for the first time.

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