The Changing Tide

I haven’t had the heart to announce on this blog that my darling little Winston passed away in April. He was twelve and a half years old and had developed diabetes, type one, of course. Insulin shots could possibly have prolonged his life for awhile but he was terrified of needles and there was no way I could administer them. His passing left a hole in my heart but in June I relented at my grandchildren’s urging, as they missed him too, and we found a Bichon puppy to love.  I thank God for the years I had my sweet Winston. and will always miss him.  Nothing will replace him, but the new puppy warms my  heart.  A little girl this time.  My adorable  grandchildren who share their home with me helped pick out a name for her:  Bailey.  In memory of Winston I will not change the name of my blog but I will confess here how I chose his name.  When I first met him as a tiny puppy he had these cute mutton chops which reminded me of a photo I’d once seen of Winston Churchill.


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