Take Our Guns? No Way!

Politicians think they can get away with anything nowadays. A simple thing like “Excuse me while I fart” could set some congressmen to passing a new law forbidding farts in public places while another lawmaker spends hours on a bill that allow farts but only in factories during the evening shift.

I do not compare farts to guns (although they often sound alike) but this gun control thing is making me crazy. It is just one more example of our country becoming a laughingstock. First there was a snicker, then more snickers turning into a guffaw, then a howl and a gasp for more air. That constant shriek you hear in the air is the last gasp of the gaspers drawing in oxygen to emit yet another hysterical exhale of laughter.

Serious things, guns. Nothing to laugh about. But, because they’re so utterly serious, atrocious and deadly, we have people turning cartwheels trying to get them banned. That’s sorta like banning farts, if you see what I mean. You’re only going to shut down the farters who do not wish to offend and are already aware of, and care about, the rights of others. Meanwhile, the heavy farters are shouting hurray as they stuff themselves with more beans.

Now I’m not making a joke of this, I’m serious. The laughter that is threatening to explode due to this travesty is triggered by the public awareness of the stupidity of a government who thinks the people are going to let themselves be disarmed. No way!

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