What Kind of Life?

Today, with the controversy taking shape again between the “pro-life” and “pro-choice” movements, I’ve faced a dilemma regarding my beliefs. I grew up in the Fifties in a Christian household. Girls were supposed to save their virginity for marriage and the word abortion was never spoken. At least I only heard it once when a rumor went around about a classmate.

Do you believe we choose our own parents? This was a novel idea to me quite a few years ago when I first ran across it, but after I thought about it I could see why I would’ve chosen the family I was born into We were very poor, mostly because we lost our father at a young age, and life was hard. But the older siblings worked to help rear the younger ones and there was lots of love.

When I mentioned the words “birth control” to my mother after my twins were born (four children under four years of age) she said “Honey, we just had what the good Lord gave us”. Since I was number 8 out of 9 children (one died as an infant) I suddenly realized that (whoops!) if she had practiced birth control, no doubt about it, I wouldn’t be here!

But my thoughts did not stop there. Would I have been born to somebody else? But if so, would I be ME? Since I was already researching things and was into New Age reading I landed on books about the “Sleeping Prophet”, Edgar Cayce. Following is some information about him:

Edgar Cayce was born in Kentucky in 1877 and died in 1945 and the twentieth century’s most outstanding mystic and seer. He was gifted with a unique clairvoyance (and had read the Bible once a year since age 12). The 14,000 telepathic-clairvoyant readings he gave are kept in the library of the “Association for Research and Enlightenment” at Virginia Beach. Scientists from all over the world tried to prove he was a fake, but came away convinced he was a genuine mystic.

What Cayce said from the hypnotic trances he went into while reading for people when asked about abortion was that “While the physical vehicle is being created within the womb, the soul hovers around the body of the mother. The time of ensoulment, when the embryo or fetus becomes a living soul, a true human being, varies greatly. The soul generally enters the body within a day after the child is delivered from the womb. Sometimes it does not enter until two or three days after the child is delivered. Sometimes a soul will enter the body and find it not to its liking and withdraw,”

Therefore, if you were to take the life of an embryo or fetus before the soul has entered its body, you have only denied the soul an opportunity to enter that body at that point in time. But the soul is eternal and has plenty of time to choose another “vehicle”.

So, according to Cayce, if my mother had, let’s say, miscarried me, I would’ve waited for another suitable “vehicle” (sorry, Mom. I love you and am glad you had me).

But here’s the real point I’m leading up to. What do you know about domestic violence, not just to women but to children? Women have been trapped in it for generations, especially before Roe v. Wade. And now there are people wanting the Supreme Court to reverse it. And women were also trapped in poverty due to men who did not support their families, or because they couldn’t make a living wage to support them theirselves.

In fact, many still are. Trapped, that is. And let’s face it. Most of us love being mothers. My children are the most important people in my life and I’m thankful to God every day for them.

I’m against abortion. But I’m for women. Many generations of women have suffered terrible abuse and poverty, have had to see their children abused because they were trapped, just as their children were trapped. What kind of life is that?

It would be wonderful if we had an ideal society, where these things didn’t happen. But we don’t. Please don’t let them close the trap again.

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