2012: Don’t Be a Pee-Post

From my dog Winston’s point of view, everything that sticks up above the ground, and doesn’t move, is a pee-post, there for only one purpose.

So when we walk in the park I have no need to worry about walkers or joggers.  They seldom stand still long enough to be mistaken for a pee-post and often give this old lady and her dog a wide berth.  The occasional walker who does approach quickly backs away as Winston growls ferociously.  I apologize, explaining that my sweet little doggie has become old and cranky.   (I wonder if it’s true that we humans pick dogs that resemble us).

On our walk this morning, however, I thought about it being the last day of the year.  And wondered if I should speak up about what is on my mind.  You know – “speak now or forever hold your peace”.  The “now or never” thought really piles the pressure on.

So, here I am, ending another year into my dotage, realizing that tomorrow I might not remember what I was so angry about today.  Wondering if during the past year I’ve learned anything worth carrying  forward into 2012.  You know, like reaching the end of a page in my checkbook, writing “carry forward” at the bottom and “brought forward” on the next page.  Simple.

Intended or not, something from this year will be carried forward into the next (unless the world ends tonight, not an impossibility) something perhaps stronger, more important than New Year Resolutions.

So, drawing on my most recent experience, or should I say, my most recent gripe, let these words become your guide.  Don’t be a pee-post.  Don’t stand still as others use you to mark out their territory.  Ignore their vile accusations against each other.  That stink in the Iowa air does not come from the hog lots.

You can’t be a doormat if you don’t lie down.  And you won’t be a pee-post if you keep on moving


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