My Thanks for Today

I’m thankful I’m not John Edwards, or for that matter his former mistress or little Frances.   I’m thankful I’m not the young man who tried to rob a bar full of cops.   I’m thankful I don’t weigh 500 lbs. and hid a gun in my bellyfat.

I’m thankful for AOL news because every day when I sign on I find things to be thankful I’m not.  It actually makes me thankful to be me.

4 Responses

  1. That makes me feel much better on this rather crappy day!

  2. Now that does cheer me up! That I may have lifted a little gloom from an otherwise crappy day!

  3. Hello Amanda-enjoying your blogs, etc and sharing on the FB 4 TMA. I (almost)never have a ‘crappy’ day unless I ‘don’t’ in the am !! Hehehe… I choose to be wonderful & so I wonder about.., n’joying my lack of ‘the grind’ now .. using my ‘social’ time as live-in Grandma and ‘off’ times: Astrology themes-charts & most recently discovering ‘topics’ on ‘puter (which now can only be at Library) and Reading: mysteries have always been my favorite-mayhaps, ’cause so much of my life had/ has seemed to have no solutions ?! Trust your distractions are mostly pleasant and by your choice…RW

  4. Thank you! My distractions are engendered by my many interests. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were 36 hours in the day and no need for sleep. Interesting about your favorite reads being mysteries, so are mine! Authors can’t write them fast enough for me. I’ve often felt my Pluto placement and Mars in Scorpio explains my taste in reading. I’m also a live-in grandma now, and am so enjoying this soft place where I’ve landed, with adorable children who think they are middle-aged and darling grandchildren who bless my days with the clever things they say!

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