Thought for the Day: November 13, 2008

If you wonder who you are, just be yourself and you’ll find out. Let your inner light become your outer expression.

3 Responses

  1. Hi !
    just letting you know about my new site “Writing from the Twelfth House” – I practised as an astrologer for many years in the UK, obtaining my Diploma in Psychological Astrology from the CPA in London directed by Dr Liz Greene in 1998. Also had many articles on astrological topics published in a range of publications in UK and USA including “The Mountain Astrologer.” My site has a number of topical astrology articles including “Interesting Times – an astrologer’s view” which talks about the Pluto shifts through Scorpio, Sagittarius – and now Capricorn” – check it out !

    Enjoying getting to know your site. I appreciate your thought for today: being ourselves – and enhancing rather than damaging the lives of others in the process – is probably our biggest challenge. Thanks. Anne Whitaker.

  2. Thanks for writing and I look forward to visiting your site. One of my ancestral surnames was Whitaker, from the early 1800s in eastern Kentucky, so we may even be distant relations.

  3. 🙂 Hello … I was hoping to see a thought for the day for November 14 (my birthday) but I can’t argue with the one you posted for November 13. Good stuff!

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