If Thou Dost Shed One Drop of Christian Blood

If it weren’t for the lady in front of me wearing the big red hat I could see the stage better – An observer in the audience

I got a big kick out of Karl Rove’s advice to Barack Obama, published in the Financial Times yesterday. I was also amused by the fact that television news is abuzz with speculation as to why Bush’s Brain is giving pointers to a Democrat on how to beat another Democrat–“calculating and shifty” Hillary. Apparently, Mr. Rove has missed being in the limelight lately.

Well, he’s right up there on center stage now while we in the audience sit open-mouthed, waiting for the next scene. Since Rove has always reminded me somewhat of Shylock from Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice, I’m wondering if he’s trying to manipulate events so that he’ll get his pound of flesh from a hated Democrat come November 2008. And of course, if he is Shylock, young Obama could only be the merchant Antonio (perhaps in this case the sacrificial lamb) confident his ships will come in and his flesh remain sacrosanct. But alas, Antonio’s ships are lost at sea and Shylock demands his pound of flesh.

But wise Portia (played by Hillary, of course), who is disguised as Antonio’s lawyer, will save the day when she announces that the law allows “no jot of blood” to be drawn. She will thus save Antonio’s bacon – er–I mean flesh from the evil Shylock, who will, in the end, get his just desserts. Wow! This is really high drama! I only wish Shakespeare were alive today. Just think of all the material going to waste!

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