We are Such Stuff as Dreams are Made On

Dreams are often most profound when they seem the most crazy — Sigmund Freud

Since I grew up in the Appalachian culture where people take their dreams seriously, analyzing them for nuggets of wisdom or even predictions of things to come, I still tend to dissect my dreams for possible meanings.

Last night I had two dreams, one about Dr. Phil McGraw and another about my sister. Two more unlike people you’ve never met. I can understand dreaming about my sister, but Dr. Phil? Since these were two separate dreams, the two of them did not meet and thanks for that.

My sister would’ve been very upset with Dr. Phil. He was proving a point to a group of us by throwing a baby into the air–I don’t mean like new daddies do while mommies reach frantically to save their little darlings–just a little upsy-daisy and koochie-koo, I mean way up to the ceiling and away, where he wouldn’t be able to catch it. We held our collective breath in dread (we being the people I was with who seemed familiar but I don’t know who they were). As the baby finally landed and began to breathe we sighed in relief. The baby got up and walked on wobbly legs towards Dr. Phil, who held out his arms to embrace it.

If this dream was caused by more than a sour pickle, I need to figure out what it’s telling me. In dreams babies often represent new beginnings. And of course since this is my dream it should represent something about me. The only new thing in my life right now is that I recently started blogging. My feelings about Dr. Phil is that he knows a lot but he doesn’t know everything. Yet somehow, in my dream world, he appears to be testing my new beginning and I’m standing frozen, unable to move as I await the outcome.

Well, if that doesn’t beat all! I don’t care if it appears I passed the test (although just barely as the baby was wobbly as if it was just learning to walk or just getting its sea legs) I want to know what right Dr. Phil has coming into my dream and throwing my baby around.  And to think that I tolerated it! But I did get even with him.  In the second half of the dream he came to my house and licked my toilet.  Yuck!  I know that’s gross but it’s what happened in the dream so I had to include it.  I don’t know if he’s mad at me because he had to lick the toilet or if I’m still mad at him about the baby but we’re feuding now.  Just, of course, in my dreams. I don’t have time for feuding in my waking hours.

Oh yeah, the other dream, about my sister. That one wasn’t so bad. I was working in Detroit so this dream went back in time, way back, and my sister came to visit me. That is, I thought I was working in Detroit at the beginning of the dream but the dream place changed to Chicago.  Dreams can do that, you know.  Right in the middle.  Whap! You’re somewhere else.  Although I never worked in Chicago I had the opportunity for a job there that I didn’t take – it’s the other place in my parallel universe post.

In the dream my sister and I got on an elevator in Chicago that ran up the outside of the building to go to the sixth floor of the place where I worked. Since the elevator walls were glass she got scared and turned her back towards the walls. I snickered. Then I felt ashamed of myself because I was not being a nice sister. I had been scared of elevators with glass walls too before I became a city gal.

When I woke up this morning I remembered that I owed my sister a letter and that’s probably why I dreamed about her, but I’ve been too busy blogging to write.

Hi Sis: “If you read my blog you’ll know I dreamed about you last night (I’m sorry I snickered) and got up this morning intending to write. You’ll also know you didn’t get the letter because first I had to blog about what happened in my dreams while it was still fresh in my mind. I was busy fighting with Dr. Phil and riding elevators all night with you in Chicago in 1958, which you really enjoyed, once you got over being scared.”

This must be what it’s like to get old, having crazy dreams and losing your sanity, but it’s all right because it’s so much fun! So if you see an old lady sitting and cackling to herself, don’t disturb her. Although you may think she’s senile, she’s really having a great time, wherever she is.

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