Stirring the Cauldron

“It was meant to be, whether it ever happens or not.” – Andy Adams

Someone wondered what happened to the post that was on here for a day, and then disappeared. They said it was called “The Book That Will Never be Written”. If the book will never be written of course it’s disappeared! Ideas that stay in the realm of possibilities have no substance until they’re given form. Just imagine the idea as a spirit drifting like a cloud. Its wispy strands gradually fade and disappear into an empty blue sky. I will miss “The Book That Will Never be Written” because it would’ve told something deep and true that needs to be told. But, I reply to myself, it has been told, again and again, by others, and, unfortunately, is all too common.

It takes a lot of effort to give form to ideas, and thus bring them into materiality. It’s not an abracadabra thing. So we have to feel it is worthy not only of the effort to get started but also of the effort to keep going until it is finished. Everything created started as an idea so one might say we are each a materialized form of an idea in God’s mind. He gave us each a gift, the ability to create that which we can envision. He didn’t promise it would be easy.

The effort to give substance to our ideas refers, of course, to a lot more than a finished product we can hold in our hands. It refers also to what we really value and how we materialize those values in our lives. And the odd thing is, if we’re not aware of what we value, we are giving substance to other people’s values by proliferating whatever the current agenda is of the people who want to control us.

This is why we need to listen critically to the news and question what we hear. Oh yes, of course they claim to tell us only the truth, but we know the news is often slanted. The same with the government, but even more so. Special interests dominate and elected officials throw mouse turds at each other and outright lies to the American people. The only way to combat these evils is to look inward and reconnect with our ideals of what is right and measure them against what is going on.

Unless we stir the cauldron, we’ll never know if what was meant to be will ever be allowed to happen or not.

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