Is There a Democrat Under Your Bed?

Many years ago when my mother was a little girl she came running into the front room where the adults were discussing the affairs of the day. “Mommy! Daddy,” she cried. “There’s a Democrat under my bed.”

I was reminded of this Sunday night when I was watching the Republican debate. The Democrat under everyone’s bed appeared to be Hillary Clinton. I don’t remember if every candidate invoked her name or not, but I’m sure she’s pleased with the attention.

A nervous titter ran around the stage when her name was spoken, and I could feel the collective expelling of breath as if to say, in comic relief “The time has finally come–let’s all do our little skits and get it over with”. I don’t believe it’s just that she’s ahead in the polls. There’s more to it than that. I think the men on that stage were all too aware of the impression she made in the Democratic debates. Not only was she self-possessed and knowledgeable but she was wise. She was a grownup Lucy playing hardball with Charlie Brown and his cronies, but with a benevolent smile.

The amusement that appeared to circulate through both the candidates and the audience Sunday night was curious. Is there some joke I’m not getting? In case you’re wondering I’m not attacking either party — I still don’t know who I’d vote for as I’m not a party follower. I always hope the person who will best lead the country will get elected. In fact, I have a dilemma when it comes to choice because there are candidates on both sides I’d like to see win.

I just don’t understand what’s going on and wish someone would clue me in. Do the Democrat contenders have a Republican under their bed?

No. As soon as I asked the question the answer came to me.  Hillary is the Democrat under everyone’s bed. And the reason why? Get this. It’s been kept secret for hundreds of years but I’m sure you could find it somewhere in Nostradamus, that a great woman warrior would come to lead her country out of peril. Not only that but “out of the covers of darkness shall she come and lead the people of chaos into the light”. So look under your bed tonight and you will get a glimpse of the future amid the dust bunnies. 

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