Love Messages from the Universe

As Oprah is fond of saying, we are more alike than we are different. However, until I studied Astrology I believed any thought I had should be obvious to others. “Why, that’s just common sense! Anyone knows that!”

My study of Astrology began when my children were teenagers. Our house had become the local hangout for them and their friends, which pleased me as I knew where my children were and could unobtrusively chaperone them, the word “unobtrusively” being key.

Unobtrusively, I would take my books, my charts and pens to my room on the second floor and spend hours sprawled across my cluttered bed pursuing knowledge about the ancient mysteries. From below stairs came the wail of the latest songs from the stereo and voices raised in laughter. Sometimes as I studied the stars I received love messages from my children in the repeated playing of songs they knew I liked. Today the knowledge from the books and the music my children played for me have merged into a symphony of love messages from the Universe.

Having been curious about Astrology for many years, I was pleased to find a night class beginning at our local adult evening school. I attended and met my Astrology teacher, who has become a lifelong friend, as did another student I met in the class. Our group was small and when we reached the advanced stage of study we began to meet at each others houses. Our teacher refused to take a fee as she said she was learning from us too.

Modern Astrologers differ from ancient Astrologers in that the ancients had a more fated view of the Universe, and let’s face it, in those days individuals had much less control of their lives. Today’s Astrology has evolved into a helpful guide to understanding ourselves, giving us some sense of direction as we try to find our way through the many complexities of modern times. 

I’m not saying run to an Astrologer.  Unfortunately, not all are reliable, and those who are sometimes cost a bundle. What I am saying is, learn Astrology. In fact, I think we should teach it in school. If God created the Universe, is it so strange that everything should work in tandem? The psychiatrist Carl Jung studied Astrology and used it in his practice. He said “as above, so below” and called it synchronicity.

There are online courses in Astrology or you may find courses in your own community. One of the best sites for information that I’ve found online is the Aquarius Papers and I’ve provided a link to it. You can also get free charts from different sites, including Cafe Astrology, so you’ll know what signs and houses your planets are in, etc.

I only occasionally do a chart for a friend or family member as I feel a great reluctance to influence others by what I might say, and, let’s face it, if reincarnation and karma are true, I may have abused the ability in a previous life.  I have no idea, but I do know I feel the reluctance and I’ve learned to pay attention to those kinds of feelings.

The study of Astrology can help you be the best that you are. You’ll find talents you may have suspected but never really believed in because they were never recognized or encouraged by others.

I still study and do research but I’m my own guinea pig as I’m the only person I know inside out. At one time I worried about this as it sounded so self-centered; on the other hand I’m very self centered so it’s apropos. For some reason, and it does show in my chart, I just don’t know why, all my life I’ve seemed to have odd experiences and attracted odd circumstances. My goal is to find whatever meaning may lie behind this proliferation of certain aspects in my chart and, if I do, to be able to pass the information along to other students of Astrology who are researching those aspects.

To be continued on another day . . . . . In the meantime, may you hear the love messages from the Universe.  The old question about whether the tree fell in the forest if no one heard can be likened to an unheard symphony.  “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.”


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