Keep Your Pooper Scooper Handy

Although I’m only a little speck of dust in the midwest overwhelmed by the huge mountain of bullshit that passes for leadership in our nation”s capital, I do take my duties as Winston’s pooper scooper seriously.

The view from here is of chaos masquarading as partisan politics, and we all know what that means – my bullshit is bigger than your bullshit. Children! Children! Don’t be greedy. There’s enough to go around.

Part of the blame lies with the founding fathers as there was bullshit back then too – well, let’s face it, by any other name, the smell’s the same. But, as mostly men of conscience, after making all those grand pronouncements about freedom, equality and justice, the founding fathers felt compelled to try to live up to at least some of them. Back then hypocrisy was really frowned on–not like today, when it’s so widespread it’s become business as usual.

But bullshit came with the new territory. We are a nation founded by two groups, the haves and the have-nots. To the first group America was a business investment, a great land mass of natural resources just waiting to be claimed, by those with the power to claim them, which is where the second group came in. The first group needed the second group to excavate and transport the resources (do the physical labor) for the first group. Those resources were just lying there useless. Well, mother earth and the Indians might have disagreed but the first was not allowed a say and the second were only “ignorant savages.”

Yet, in their need for the second group, the first group did a great thing. They helped many of the poor and destitute of Europe gain passage to a new land filled with new opportunities, inadvertently enabling them to throw off the chains of the old order that had held them trapped in generations of poverty.

The seeds of democracy were planted and have sprouted ever which way ever since, claimed by both believers in the power of truth and believers in the power of bullshit. Now truth and bullshit have gotten so mixed up it takes real discernment to tell which is which.

So, as the 2008 presidential candidates continue to try to see which one can out-bullshit all the others, keep your bullshit detectors on alert and your pooper scoopers handy.

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  1. Are you as up-to-speed on media control by a limited number of supercorporations ? Things get rather outlandish online : and fesces-flinging is a participatory sport.

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